Business Goals

No matter what your strategic objectives are – whether consolidating your data, streamlining your reporting processes or optimising the quality of your forecasting – an FP&A solution that brings your disparate data together in a single source of truth to harness the complexity of your business can enable your success. Contact us with your unique needs and discover how we can help you.

Accurate forecasting

Optimise your forecasting outcomes with dynamic, granular workflows that pull data from across the value chain so you can make holistic and well-informed business decisions. The more precision you achieve here, the better prepared you’ll be to handle the challenges of modern business.

Data Consolidation

Bring all your different data sources together to create a single source of truth and enable sophisticated data analysis at scale. Unlock the potential of your data and secure your sensitive information intelligently so it meets all necessary compliance requirements.

Do month-end faster

Streamline your month-end reporting processes with thoughtful automation, better flexibility and advanced visualisations. In doing so, eliminate the headaches and tedium that come with routine, time-consuming processes and workflows so you can free up your finance team’s time to work on higher-value analysis.

Excel hell

Transcend the limitations of Microsoft Excel with a highly capable and functional FP&A solution built to harness your company’s complexity and that can streamline collaboration between teams. Make the transition to a scalable tool that can grow with your business for years to come.

Integrations / ERP

Combine different technologies into a single workflow so you can maximise the value generated by every tool at your disposal. Integrate them intelligently so that data can flow seamlessly and efficiently – letting you focus your efforts on higher-value tasks.

Flexible planning

Build a flexible planning methodology that adapts to changing circumstances and isn’t constrained by rigid structures that aren’t able to evolve with your business as it grows. This is driver-based planning at its best, supercharged by the immense capability of an efficient and powerful FP&A solution.

Modern dashboarding

Take advantage of sophisticated visualisations that transform your data from mere numbers into key insights that drive effective decision-making in real time. Enhance your storytelling both internally and externally so you can achieve your strategic objectives consistently and build trust within your ecosystem.

Timely reporting

Increase the speed of your reporting throughput so you can disseminate timely information without compromising on quality or detail. This, in turn, allows you to make more proactive decisions that drive business success.


Eliminate silos by improving workflows, planning processes and methods of communication within – and between – each of your organisation’s departments. Take comprehensive data-driven insights and make better decisions built on a single source of truth with an FP&A solution that’s capable of harnessing the complexity of your business. Cubewise can help your organisation every step of the way so don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to us.


Take your finance workflows to the next level with sophisticated processes, better data management and analysis, and improved throughput from divisions and regions. The time and energy this will free up will enable your transition from value protector to value creator with proactive analysis and interpretation of financial and operational information.


Leverage technology to optimise your hiring processes, training programs and other HR-related activities so they complement what’s happening elsewhere in the business. Eliminate siloed processes and propel your company forward through FP&A excellence.


Make the most of data-driven insights and make better decisions about your marketing campaigns. Leverage the benefits of having a single source of truth to harness financial and operational complexity without losing sight of strategic objectives.


Build an integrated sales system that can encode your sales targets, strategies and performance into the wider FP&A ecosystem. Using a comprehensive data foundation, generate effective insights so you can deploy and incentivise your sales team with precision and efficiency.

Supply Chain / Supply Focus

Harness the capabilities of a nuanced technology stack that thrives in the midst of a complex supply chain. Deliver exceptional outcomes thanks to its intimate connection with the rest of the financial system and data it receives from assets in the field.


Safeguard your business against industry disruptors, build operational resilience and create a clear path to business success when you implement a flexible and efficient FP&A solution developed to meet the complexity of your industry sector. We’re keen to hear about the specific challenges facing your business, so be sure to contact us today.


Harness the complexity of dynamic project-based construction work with a highly flexible and capable FP&A solution that gives you the dynamic planning and forecasting features you need. Build a system that’s carefully curated to manage your specific projects and create efficiencies throughout.


Manage energy industry disruption and change with a suite of FP&A solutions that can help you arrive at the key insights you need to make a difference for suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

Healthcare and Pharma

Navigate the challenges of healthcare negotiations, labour planning, contractor management and other aspects of running a successful healthcare firm when you have a strong technological aide at your side.


Enable better precision and more advanced data analysis for your hospitality company by investing in a flexible and highly capable FP&A solution that can be customised to suit your needs.


An insurance company’s strength rests on its ability to wrangle and interpret data as efficiently and accurately as possible. Make sure your technology stack works for you and you’ll be far ahead of your competition.


Modern manufacturing requires data-driven decision-making at scale. Without the right technology you can’t leverage the insights within your operational processes to help you make informed decisions.


Take your mining firm to the next level with a purpose-built financial and operational system that can harness the complexity of fast-changing circumstances and guide precise decision-making at every level of the value chain.

Professional services

Accurate planning and labour deployment is key for any service business. Protect your margins and expand your capabilities with a scalable and agile FP&A system that can be configured according to your needs.


Manage complex property portfolios and businesses with a highly dynamic planning and analytics platform that can provide every level of granularity you need.


Using a holistic data warehouse means your retail business can rely on a single source of data truth. Leverage this to better understand your operations and make informed choices based on intelligence derived from dependable data sets.

Transport & Logistics

Make decisions across an entire transport and logistics value chain with contextual data at your fingertips thanks to an advanced suite of FP&A tools. Collect data efficiently, process it automatically and deliver reports that align with your strategic objectives.


Gain better awareness of your telecommunications infrastructure thanks to robust data workflows and sophisticated dashboarding that enable you to make better decisions.