“We love TM1.”

That’s a statement that holds true for all at Cubewise – for our consultants, our developers, our educators, our leaders. It’s what helps us hire the best people, wherever they are in the world. It’s what helps us deliver brilliant solutions for our clients, no matter how complex their challenges. And it’s why we aren’t satisfied until our clients are equipped with the skills to build on the solutions we’ve developed for them.

Our mission is to help modern organisations harness the complexity of their businesses to their competitive advantage.

We love IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 because of its unique power as a functional database to enable organisations to gain deeper insights, plan faster and run their businesses more effectively. We love sharing our know-how with clients to develop pioneering, innovative and enduring planning, forecasting, analysis and reporting solutions. And we love empowering their teams with the skills to transform how they navigate and harness the complexity of their business and achieve Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) excellence along the way.

We’ve had our lightbulb moment – it’s all we care about at Cubewise.

We want you to have your lightbulb moment with IBM Planning Analytics / TM1, too!

What’s a lightbulb moment?

It’s when the unique power of TM1 suddenly becomes clear.

Uncovering the magic of what functional databases can do was our lightbulb moment and now we want to bring that epiphany to you.

You’ll quickly realise that:

  • you’re no longer battling data, but leveraging it to solve almost any budgeting, forecasting, reporting or analysis problem
  • what you used to experience as ‘limited’ has changed to ‘limitless’ – that you’ve gone from being ‘stressed out’ to actually having fun
  • your team moves from coping to thriving when they transition from a focus on collecting and reporting data to a focus on analysing, acquiring insights, learning and innovating from the data
  • your business steps up from maintaining performance to accelerating it

Talk to us today and let’s overcome the challenge together.

When a system is unable to adapt and adjust to changing business circumstances, it can become a tremendous source of pain and frustration for all those who work with it. Things must go on, of course, and so users will resort to building tedious workarounds, simplifications, and shortcuts that only serve to kick the can down the road. Instead of dealing with the root cause of the problem, it creates a more complicated mess for the people who eventually take over those processes and workflows.


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