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Season 2024 is here!

The TM1 World Championship just got bigger and better. Learn how the new season will be played and how you can participate and attend our live events and “The Thunderdome Final”.

What is the TM1 World Championship?

This year the competition is different and bigger than the previous years as we try to innovate new ways to make it more fun, more competitive, and more inclusive than last year. Visit this page in the future to find out the latest news and live ranking for the TM1 World Championship.

But it gets better

This year the event is bigger and better in every single way. We are proud to announce that TM1 Championship will be starting with in-person qualifiers all around the world. Users around the globe will be competing against other TM1 experts in engaging and fun ways for a chance to represent their region. The finalists of their regions will be competing in a grand final against the current TM1 Champion at the TM1 Coding Thunderdome.
Did you know?
The most experience TM1 expert may get a good chance to win, but the person who performs the best at the game and with the right TM1 knowledge will win!

Did you know about the TM1 Teams World Championship?

Interested in a Team event where you can best show case your skills with your TM1 brother or sister in-arms? Want a chance a show of your skills against other experts? Or just a chance to win both the TM1 World Championship title and the TM1 World Teams Championship title.
Stay tuned for more as registrations and details will be coming in Q2 2024.


To participate in the TM1 World Championship all you have to do is register to one of the TM1 World Championship qualifier events for free by clicking on the Register button below.

What you need to bring with you:

  • A mobile device
  • Some expectation of a good time
  • A TM1 know-how-confidence-smile


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tm1 champions

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Dwight Smith

2022 (Sydney)

Cristian Blana

2023 (London)

Paul Niederbracht

2023 (Stuttgart)

Team Bosch




IBM TM1 Anwendertag & The TM1 World Championship 2023 - Ehningen
The life of the first TM1 World Champion

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